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Meax Pen


MEAX Pen is a battery-powered wireless measuring probe that connects to a mobile device using an App or the MT system Display Unit. MEAX Pen can be used for measurements such as run-out of machine spindles, check spindle alignment, back-lash in machine guide-ways or repeatability in fixtures or machine movements.

Meax Pen consists of a LVDT sensor with two ranges, either ±1 mm or ±2.5 mm and accuracy to within 0.001 mm. The measuring sensor and battery assembly are enclosed and have a protection class of IP65 which will with stand coolant and oil.

The wireless transmission enables the sensor to be used with the machine doors closed.

Benefits of the Meax® Pen

  • Perform measurements with machine doors closed.
  • Document trial or actions performed
  • High accuracy - within 0.001 mm
  • Remote Display
  • App based


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