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Meax® SM/SR Transceivers

Meax® SM/SR Specifications

Meax® SM/SR Specifications


Meax® - All-Purpose Sensors

Meax® SR201 and SM201 serve as multi-functional sensors.
They include an integrated precision laser transceiver platform incorporating a 2-axis PSD detector and high resolution inclinometers that record each angle of rotation. The sensors are used for a variety of measurements including:-

  • Spindle Direction
  • Straightness
  • Squareness
  • Coaxiality

The SR unit is fitted to that part of the machine which forms the reference whilst the SM sensor is attached to the machine axis that be measured.

Meax® SM/SR Specifications

Meax® SM/SR Specifications

Meax® SM/SR Specifications


Technical Specifications - Meax® SM/SR

Housing Material : Anodised Aluminium and ABS plastic

Operating Temp : 15 to 30°C ( 59 to 86°F)

Weight : 306 g (10.9 oz)

Dimensions : 82mm x 86mm x 33mm

Environmental protection : IP 65

Laser : 650 nm class II diode laser

Laser power : < 1mW

Measure distance : Up to 5 m

Detector : 2-axis PSD

Detector size : 16mm²

Detector resolution : 1µm

Measurement accuracy : 1% ± 3 µm

Inclinometer resolution : 0.01°

Inclinometer accuracy : ± 0.1°

Communication range : 10 m (33 ft)

Power supply : High performance LiIon or external power

Charging time (system off : 8 h

LED indicators : Unit state, laser transmission, battery status & Bluetooth

Meax Coaxiality Measurement