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Meax® Dual Level

One-Man Set-Up Solution

One-Man Set-Up Solution


Meax® Level instruments make use of 2 axis high-precision sensors (1μm/m ), that enable a one-man solution for the installation and setup of precision machines. The devices use an App based digital platform off which to make precision adjustments from. Results can be saved for job tracking purposes.

Meax® Level sensors may be mounted on surfaces using a mag base, in tool holders using a 16 mm shaft holder or mounted on customised fixtures which further increase the flexibility of Meax® Level Single or Dual systems. 

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One-Man Set-Up Solution

One-Man Set-Up Solution

One-Man Set-Up Solution


MEAX Level has brought together new technology that generates precision measurements down to 0.001 mm/m via a user friendly, handy, indicator. In a matter of minutes, MEAX Level enables the user to determine whether a machine is in level & whether the pitch/roll of the machine bed is within spec.

Wireless connection to the provided tablet transmits MEAX Level data in two angles relative to the LR Reference sensor, simultaneously, and enables pitch/roll adjustments to be  via the M-R function in real time.

MEAX Level is available in Level Single or Level Dual formats.

Meax Level


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